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The Reality for Most Health Professionals in the first 5 to 10 years of their career.

The majority of health professionals quickly realize that their profession is hard work. Overhead is often high and student debt is a burden.  For most, taking home $60,000 a year after expenses is not happening. 

The reality is that most health care professionals have put all their eggs in one basket and have no other income streams to support them.  As a result, many find themselves working long hours in a race to pay off debts and subsequently, a race to save for retirement.  For most, this is a far cry from living the lifestyle of their dreams.

As soon as you set up an Isagenix account ($39) you receive your own online store front (ie. that you can send people to buy Isagenix products that you recommend.  When a patient, colleague or family member places an order you will receive notification from Isagenix that an order has been placed.  The product is shipped directly to the customer by UPS which means you do not need to carry product or inventory in your office or handle product sales.  Isagenix also has a direct customer service line 1-877-877-8111 to handle all customer inquiries, product returns etc... so you and your staff don’t have to.  The product has a 30 day money back guarantee so patients have no risk in trying the product.  The products are considered all-natural using only non-GMO ingredients. They also contain organic ingredients wherever possible, and some ingredients that even exceed USDA organic standards.  Millions of dollars is spent each year on independent analysis of ingredients and auditing by third-party qualified organizations.  Isagenix doesn’t cut any corners in making nutritional products and few other dietary supplement companies can boast the same level of quality assurance commitment.

When a patient, colleague, friend or family member sets up an Isagenix account using your online store, they automatically receive their own online store as well.  Now they can refer people to their online store.  This is where it gets exciting!  You can get paid on product purchased directly through your online store and you can get paid on product purchased through the online store of anyone linked to your online store through the word of mouth referral process.  In other words if you referred Isagenix to 10 clients in 10 months, and each client referred one person, you would be paid on the purchases of all 20 people.  But that is not all.  You will get paid on the purchases of 20 people every single time they order (most often this is monthly) as long as they keep their account.  For most health care professionals this is unheard of as they have been flying solo, doing everything themselves.  Typically a health professional educates and recommends one person at a time to a product and when the purchase is made, an income is earned.  This model of selling is trading time for dollars.  In addition there is time spent ordering, stocking, assisting customers and tax accounting for the products in the office.  The earning of $20 on a sale hardly seems worth it and this is what most health professionals discover.  The Isagenix business model allows you to leverage word of mouth and a system that is already in place to support the education, purchasing, distribution, customer support and tax accounting.  The Isagenix business model allows you to grow beyond the walls of your professional office as people help people.  If people can refer others to to buy a book online, they can also refer others to Isagenix to buy their nutritional products online, it is that simple.  An example of the Isagenix business model working is with our story.  My wife and I did our first Isagenix program in November of 2005.  The program changed our lives and we started to refer people to it (see before and afters here). Now just after seven years we have referred over 230 people to Isagenix and have an organization of over 3200 customers from 5 countries across the globe.  The income from the Isagenix business model has surpassed our combined net income as practicing chiropractors.  The business model works.  It took time for us to believe it, and it took time for it to grow.  We now get paid regardless of whether we are working as chiropractors, which has freed up our time and given us more options for our future.  Because of Isagenix, I currently practice as a chiropractor 9 hours a week and my wife practices 5 hours a week.  We are both able to be with our three young children during this precious time of development.  We are able to make them three meals a day from scratch all made with organic fruits and vegetables, wild fish and game meats, organic nuts and seeds.  We also can supplement their diets with the Isagenix shakes for breakfast, Isagreens, IsaKids vitamins and Omega 3’s.  So many other life changes have occurred because of Isagenix, however the two of greatest value is the time freedom and the health benefits.  Our life would not be the same if we had not discovered Isagenix.

Isagenix has product solutions addressing the most critical factors of health today including: accelerated aging, excess weight, poor energy and performance, poor sleeping and decline in mental function.  With Isagenix, health professionals can support their clients even more giving more value to what they do.  The job of the health professional is to learn how the patient can be helped and give them a recommendation.  We supply you with a “script pad document” that you can use by simply checking off which products you recommend and giving it to the patient.  On the script pad is directions for the patient so they can find your online store and complete the purchasing of the recommended products on their own.  

Isagenix pays you weekly by depositing your earnings into a secured online account.  You can then transfer it to the bank account of your choice.  Also, when it comes to accounting, you simply receive your income statement at the end of the year from Isagenix and apply that to your personal or corporate taxes.  Remember, Isagenix counts as a home-based business and you can save hundreds or thousands of dollars a year with business tax write offs.   

The person who sponsors you into Isagenix is a very important business decision or in other words, the person you choose to signup with is a very important business decision.  The ideal situation is to set up the account with a person who is committed to Isagenix for life.  With this being the case you are never left to build your organization by yourself.  Remarkably, you can actually get paid on products purchased from people who were referred to Isagenix by the person you signup with or others that came into Isagenix before you.  Yes, you heard me right...if the person who sponsors you came in five years before you and has continued sharing Isagenix you can actually earn income on those customers too.  Joining an active community of people sharing can benefit you considerably. 

It is also important to find a sponsor that has a system that is reproducible and easy to use in any health professional setting.  You want someone who will take the time to train you on the system and help with the set-up and support, when you need it.

At this point I suggest scrolling to the top of this page and watching the two informative webinars that talk about some of the science behind Isagenix.  Then visit and watch the videos on that page as well as the Videos found when clicking the IsaVideos tab.  If want to set up your account click on Sign up and Save and away you go.  I am committed to Isagenix for life.  I am a leader for a very active community in Isagenix and I have created a system that seamlessly works in any health professional setting and have assisted dozens of health professionals with implementation.  I would be happy to discuss the possibility of working with you in the future.  If you have questions you may call me at 416-271-8961.  If you were referred to this site by someone else in Isagenix, please contact them directly for further assistance.   

Enjoy the many benefits of Isagenix! 

Dr. Evan Hill

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Isagenix allows for a secondary (plan B) residual income stream to build as you keep working your  profession.  The difference is that when you stop working, go on vacation or retire, the Isagenix income can continue.  The real gift with Isagenix is that the business model allows you to earn income from products purchased by people that you have never met.  This is quite a contrast from retailing supplements or pillows in your professional setting.

Robert Kiyosaki terms this phenomenon: living in the “rat race”.  The Rat Race is simply trading time for dollars: paying taxes and bills and then saving if possible.  Because we live in a highly taxed society there is often little left over to save and invest leaving us no further ahead year after year. 

Yes, we as health professional own our jobs and most can set their own hours. However, for many, our job owns us. If we stop working the job, the income stops.  This can limit our sense of freedom and options and can be a frustrating and disempowering experience.

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